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Artist: Jennifer Steinkamp and John Houck
The Sky is Falling
   900 x 486 pixels, 44.5 x 24 feet
Photo Credit:
John Houck, Courtesy Wells Fargo, Charlotte, North Carolina.
  The Sky is Falling is a playful interaction with the children who visit the Wells Fargo Cultural Campus in Charlotte, North Carolina. Children create art which becomes part of the piece and the architecture.

Jennifer Steinkamp and John Houck were commissioned to create a 3-D animation of multiple pieces of cloth falling across an LED screen at the Knight Theatre. The art piece consists of real-time generative 3-D animation of cloth falling out of the sky. Each piece of cloth is texture mapped with children's images created in workshops at the various museums on the campus.

Steinkamp and Houck provided software programming that allows a scanning computer operator to incorporate scanned images into the artist's custom software program that converts the images into virtual falling cloth in real time. The operator saves the scanned files into a remote folder located on the cloth player computer via computer network, the imagery immediately appears up on the LED screen. The cloth falling imagery is generative 3-D similar to a 3-D video game.

Part of the Collection:
Wells Fargo, Charlotte, North Carolina