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Photos by Reed Hutchinson

Title: Night of 100 Solos: A Centennial Event
Choreography:  Merce Cunningham
Set Designer:  Jennifer Steinkamp
Stager:  Andrea Weber
Associate Stager:  Dylan Crossman
Music Director:  John King
Music Coordinator:  Stephan Moore
Executive Producer:  Ken Tabachnick
Creative Producer:
  Trevor Carlson
April 16, 2019, 8pm
Projection dimensions:
  38 x 24 feet
Performance History:
  Center for the Art of Performance UCLA, Royce Hall, Los Angeles, California
Description: Night of 100 Solos: A Centennial Event brings the Cunningham legacy back to UCLA, where so much of the foundation of Cunningham's longevity was nurtured. This Event, spread across three cities on both sides of the Atlantic, is the largest Cunningham event ever undertaken.


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