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Diaspore 1, The Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, photo by Steinkamp


Diaspore 2, The Clark Institute, Williamstown, photo by Steinkamp

Artist:  Jennifer Steinkamp
variable, 11.79 and 12.8 feet high pictured, variations come in hidef and 4:3
Photo Credit:
  Kitmin, Jennifer Steinkamp
Exhibition History:

  1. Jennifer Steinkamp, Lehmann Maupin, Hong Kong, February 13 - March 22, 2014, exhibited 1, 2.
  2. Jennifer Steinkamp, Leeahn Gallery, Seoul, South Korea, curated by Haekyung Kim, May 1 - June 21, 2014, exhibited 3, 4, 5.
  3. 20 Years of ACME. ACME, Los Angeles, California, curated by Robert Gunderman and Randy Sommer, September 6 - October 4, 2014, exhibited 1.
  4. Naples Collects, The Baker Museum, Naples, Florida, organized by Artis-Naples, 2016, exhibited 2.
  5. Blind Eye, The Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts, curated by Esther Bell, June 29 - October 8, 2018, exhibited 2.
  6. William Eggleston and Jennifer Steinkamp: At Home at the Dixon, Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis, Tennessee, curated by Virginia Rutledge, January 26 - April 5, 2020, exhibited 2.

Description: Diaspore consists of a collection of tumbleweeds self-propelled through a landscape. The renderings of the amalgamated shrubs, composed of sticks and leaves, are mesmerizing, mimicking the movements one would experience in nature in ways that are instinctually familiar. In this work, Steinkamp references both the anatomy of the plant that disperses the seeds and spores, as well as the social phenomenon of diaspora. Drawing a connection between the dissemination of people and culture across the world and the plant's ability to spread its seeds, Steinkamp uses technology to link the natural and human worlds.



Diaspore 1, Lehmann Maupin, Hong Kong, photo by Kitmin


Diaspore 2, Lehmann Maupin, Hong Kong, photo by Kitmin


Diaspore 3,4 Leeahn Gallery, Seoul, Korea, photo by Steinkamp