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Simulation image, Daisy Chain Twist


New Museum Gala, 2005, Cleopatra Jones, Skinny


Gavlak, Palm Beach, Tubans

Artist: Jennifer Steinkamp
Daisy Chain, Daisy Chain,twist, Paint the Lily, Cleopatra Jones and Turbans
  2004, 2005.
  variable approx. 10 x 7 feet.
  5000+ lumen projector, small computer.
Photo credit:
Jennifer Steinkamp, courtesy ACME., Los Angeles, greengrassi, London, and Lehmann Maupin, New York.
Part of the Collections:

Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul, Turkey, Daisy Chain.
Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida, Daisy Chain.

Exhibition History:

  1. Art | Basel | Miami Beach 2004, Miami, Florida, Lehmann Maupin, New York, December 2 - 5, 2004, exhibited Paint the Lily, Daisy Chain, Daisy Chain Twist.
  2. ARCO, Madrid, Spain, Lehmann Maupin, New York, February 10 - 14, 2005, exhibited Cleopatra Jones.
  3. Annual Gala and Live Auction at Cipriani, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, April 9 - 17, 2005, exhibited Cleopatra Jones, skinny.
  4. Again + Again, Austin Museum of Art, Austin, Texas, curated by Dana Friis-Hansen, May 13 - August 6, 2006, exhibited Paint the Lily.
  5. Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 2 - April 14, 2007. exhibited Cleopatra Jones.
  6. ARCO, Madrid, Spain, Soledad Lorenzo, Madrid, Spain, February 15 - 19, 2007, exhibited Daisy Chain, tall.
  7. KIAF, Seoul, Korea, Leeahn Gallery, Daegu, Korea, curated by Haekyung Kim, September 22 - 26, 2011, exhibited Cleopatra Jones, skinny.
  8. Unnatural, Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach, Florida, September 9, 2012 - November 4, 2012, curated by Tami Katz-Freiman, exhibited Daisy Chain Twist.
  9. Flowers, Gavlak Palm Beach, Florida, January 15 - 25, 2015, organized by Sothebys S|2, exhibited Turbans.
  10. Souls, Lehmann Maupin, Seoul, South Korea, September 3 - October 31, 2020.

Description: A hanging garland of woven flowers sway lazily in an unfelt breeze. Daisies wriggle and writhe under their own power.




Lehmann Maupin, Seoul, photo by OnArt Studio
Daisy Chain Twist, tall