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Artist:  Jennifer Steinkamp
Title:  Lap
Date:  1995
Dimensions:  36 x 18 and 36 x 18 feet
Original Equipment: 4 EIKI LC330 140 lumen projectors, 2 laserdisc players
Photo credit: 
Jennifer Steinkamp, courtesy ACME, Los Angeles.
Exhibition History:  Digital Mediations, Williamson Gallery, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California, curated by Stephen Nowlin, August 6 - October 1, 1995.
Description:  Liquid continuously rippled from the center to the margins of the image.  It was projected to give the appearance of a wall consisting of segments at angles to each other.  The distinction between 'real' and 'virtual' space was further confused by the geometric disturbance of the viewer's shadow as she walked through the projections. The viewer's shadow became interlaced into the video image, thus her shadow became part of the artwork.
Catalog: Stephen Nowlin, Erkki Huhtamo, Digital Mediations, catalog, (Pasadena, California: Williamson Gallery, Art Center College of Design, 1995).