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Artist: Jennifer Steinkamp
Title:  Feel Purple, Taste Green
Date:  1994
Soundtrack:  Jimmy Johnson of Grain
Dimensions:  20 x 20 x 12 feet
Original Equipment: 2 Sharp XG-1100 300 lumen projectors, 1 laserdisc player, stereo sound
Photo credit:  Jennifer Steinkamp, courtesy ACME.
Exhibition History:  ACME, Santa Monica, California, curated by Robert Gunderman and Randy Sommer, October 15 - November 12, 1994.
Description:  A three-dimensional grid of cubes flashed rapidly between complementary colors. (A nod to Structuralist flicker films.)  The viewer's orientation to the actual architecture shifted as she passed between two projections; her shadow would disappear and reappear across the seam.