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Artist:  Jennifer Steinkamp
Title: Bender
Date:  1995
Dimensions: 15 x 22 feet
Original Equipment: 1 EIKI LC330 140 lumen projector, 1 laserdisc player
Photo credit: 
Jennifer Steinkamp, courtesy ACME, Los Angeles.
Exhibition History:

  1. Bravin Post Lee, New York, curated by John Post Lee, April 29 - May 27, 1995.
  2. POSTMARK: An Abstract Effect, SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, curated by Bruce W. Ferguson and Louis Grachos, March 27 - June 13, 1999.

Description:  An undulating liquid cube simultaneously formed the illusion of inside and outside. It was projected so large that it seems to pop in and out of the wall until the viewer's shadow interrupted the illusion.